A Race Car Birthday Party on a K-Car Budget…

In case I need this someday! 🙂


A Race Car Birthday Party on a K-Car Budget….

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W is a 1 1/2 years old TODAY!

In honor of W’s year and a half birthday, we are trying to raise awareness for prematurity. Tuesday, Nov 17, 2014 was World Prematurity Day and November is National Prematurity Awareness Month.

Please take the time to read about it, and if you are so inclined, donate to research to help prevent babies from being born to soon. EVERY dollar counts. See what the March of Dimes is about to kick off with their research here!!

IF you do want to help please consider Team Dubs…our March for Babies Team!


Here is some info from the CDC:

What is Premature Birth?

It is a birth that is at least three weeks before a baby’s due date. It is also known as preterm birth (or less than 37 weeks—full term is 40 weeks). Important growth and development occur throughout pregnancy—especially in the final months and weeks. Continue reading

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Southwest Tofu Scramble

This is one of our favorite tofu recipes. It’s SO simple and full of delicious flavors! I snagged it off of eatingwell.com a couple of years ago and haven’t changed anything… just add a little more chili powder for a nice kick! It even goes well as a breakfast and is just like a scrambled egg burrito! ENJOY! Continue reading

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Pointing a Defiant Child to God (repost)

A good read from notconsumed.com


Pointing a Defiant Child to God

Angry fists and hateful slurs flew deadly in the living room. I peeled the perpetrator off the victim and sent her to her room. She bolted her feet to the floor and hissed, “You can’t make me.”

Have you been there, stuck in that moment between, “Did she seriously just say that?” and “Uh-oh, what on earth am I going to do?” If you haven’t been there, mom, trust me when I say your time is coming.

This child isn’t some horrible brat who no one pays attention to or holds accountable for her actions. She has never been to juvenile detention. For that matter, most people think she is an angel. But she does disobey. In fact, at times she is all-out defiant. She has actually been that way as long as I can remember her cute little self. As a baby, when I would tell her not to touch something, she would smile and stick her hand right back on it. Continue reading

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PB&J Sushi <3

I was trying to find a way to make a PB&J that would fit in a tiny 1 year old’s mouth without having such big pieces of bread. I noticed I was squishing the bread so it was easier to eat…and then BAM! Why hadn’t I thought of making the bread thinner and THEN making into a sandwich?! Well it was just so flat and strange-looking so I decided to roll it up….cut it…and well… there ya go! PB&J sushi!! Continue reading

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Anne Geddes and the March of Dimes

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Happy Birthday Momma


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My neighbor has a fig tree and shard some with us yesterday…SO GOOD!! Just open them up, dig out the insides and enjoy! Or just eat it out of the skin. I mashed it up for W and he ate the heck out of it!

2014-09-16 08.25.41 2014-09-16 08.26.20

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Sensory Activities for the one-year old!

I wish I could take credit for all of these great activities, but my mom is the one who put them together and brought them over for W! It’s been 2 weeks and he is STILL loving every one of these games!

Because W was born so prematurely, he had a lot of physical and occupational therapy. Part of his therapy was working on both his gross, and fine motor skills. These activities were really helpful in his success and continue to help him really hone in on those skills!

1. Continue reading

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Honey-lime Salmon Tostadas

These are sooooo good I wish I could make them every night! It’s a little bit time-consuming but worth the time and effort! My husband even said they were restaurant quality! YAY!! Love the compliments! This recipe is from my FAVORITE cook book, Against All Grain. I haven’t made anything from this book I haven’t LOVED! I’m only posting the recipe because It’s all over the internet already. You should definitely buy this book, it is FULL of delicious food and desserts too! Continue reading

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