Swinging. New baby teeth…Desert museum fun. All topped with Mexican food!

Oh W…he is getting too big too fast and I’M NOT READY!

His two bottom teeth have popped up…univitingly I might add. I was not ready for that! We were just figuring out how to change a 2 lb baby’s diaper and now teeth?!?!?! Good grief! At least all the drooling has had a point…thought it’s still coming in bucket loads poor guy!

We took a little 10 minute family journey to the park down the street a couple of weeks ago. W really likes to swing and I’ve taken him a few times to the park. We usually have to wait, clean the swing with some wipes (not before a few ‘she’s crazy’ looks have shot my way), and then swing for 5 minutes before our turn is over. This time, my husband was able to join us.

The next thing I know, he’s back from Lowe’s with W’s brand new swing! He set it up that night and now W can swing whenever his big heart desires! AND HE LOVES IT!

2014-03-30 18.33.20 2014-03-30 18.33.32 2014-03-30 18.33.42 2014-03-30 18.35.31 2014-03-30 18.38.05 2014-03-30 18.44.39 2014-03-30 18.44.44 2014-03-30 18.44.48 2014-03-30 18.46.42

Since my parents came in town to visit we wanted to do something than our usual stuck at home in quarantine routine. It’s been so nice outside we wanted to go check out the National Desert Museum. The drive up wasn’t nearly as nice as the drive home through the mountains. The museum itself was pretty cool! W got to check out the desert. Needless to say he couldn’t be less enthusiastic about cactus and rocks! ๐Ÿ™‚ We saw some cool animals, big horns, birds of prey, snakes and reptiles. Pretty cool overall…minus the heat!

W tried ice cream for the first time! At first it was a shock of cold but he was more than ready for a second taste!

2014-03-29 12.07.58 2014-03-29 12.16.10 2014-03-29 13.01.01 2014-03-29 13.05.43 2014-03-29 13.20.28 2014-03-29 13.34.28 2014-03-29 14.53.23 2014-03-29 14.53.38 2014-03-29 14.54.51


W must have had such a good time that he threw up in dad’s hat ๐Ÿ˜‰ Luckily he caught that in time! Literally!

W is such an amazing kid and is always so happy ! He’s trying to figure out how to crawl and rolls all over that place! He loves touching the dogs and banging toys together. He’ll eat anything he gets his hands on loves to be tickeled…even though he pretends to protest, he likes it!

K is the best dad and loves this kid. W loves to sit with him and hang out with the boys style. Such great guys I have!

It’s hard to believe that, in one month, W showed up last year…15 weeks early. And even harder to believe how fast the year went. Here’s to a slower year!!

And keep an eye out for W’s one year old video in the next month! Uncle J is hard at work making it a special one for us!

2014-03-31 07.54.25


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I am a stay at home momma to a 25 weaker, micro-preemie miracle baby boy! My husband and I are just trying to make sense of the whole parenting thing! I love to cook, bake and really eat food all day long! Fitness and lifting are one of my biggest passions and I'll share anything about that if you just ask! I am a professional American Sign Language Interpreter and love being able to have such a flexible job that works around my busy mom schedule! I just want to share the things in our life that works for us and hope that some of them may inspire or work for you too!
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  1. What a lovely photos and article! Thanks for sharing.

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